Thursday, September 10, 2009

i feel like i'm in middle school.

I'm sitting here drinking my gallon of turkey hill lemonade thinking of how much it sucks that it's going to be gone soon. I could savor the last few sips but i'll probably just chug it and regret doing that right after.

... Yep.. thats what I did... and I regret it.

 I can't think of a theme for my blog because there's absolutely nothing I find interesting enough to continually write about. So I assume I'll just write whatever goes through my head which will be incredibly random and pointless.

Anyways I should probably explain the title of this post right? In 7th grade it was really popular to have a 'xanga' which is an online diary and I kindof feel like thats what I'm doing now. Only I am much different than I was in 7th grade... obviously.

7th grade Sam had hot pink hair with spiked necklaces and oversized jeans. You'd think I was a little rebellious child but truth be told my mom took me to get my hair dyed and bought my little spikey necklaces. She thought it was hilarious. What a badass, right?

I hated middle school. I was made fun of for being 4'10 and having the biggest boobs. Too bad I haven't changed at all... luckily people don't really tease me about those things anymore. I did however make friends I am still best friends with to this day. 

On one particular awful day of middle school I was being picked on by this kid named Robert
"Sam.. why do you have such a big nose?!" he kept teasing
thats when this little brown haired girl ran up to him and said
 "robert! why do you have such a little dick !?" her name was caiti ... and we've been close friends ever since.

i can't believe i just talked about middle school for that long. sorry about that.


  1. sam, i never knew all of this, i mean we discussed some stuff but not that in depth. its very interesting tho, and i am a fan random blogs much more then organized ones.