Thursday, September 17, 2009

I hate thursdays.

I hate Thursdays. They just really make me wish it was Friday, which sucks because Thursday is my longest day of classes. However... this particular Thursday is my boyfriend, Brendan's birthday. I'm pissed because I can't see him until tomorrow. He's 20! I feel like the age 20 doesn't get enough credit. Sure, you can't drink yet but i mean you are no longer a teenager. I think it's a pretty big milestone. I turn 20 next Friday... soo not looking forward to that. 
For the first time in my life I feel kindof old.
Perhaps it's because my little brother started driving. I wish he never got his license but I actually enjoyed driving him places. It was always a good time to talk or just to drive around with all the windows down blasting our favorite tunes. I guess I had to lose my driving buddy someday.

my apartment smells like shit. Every morning my roommate cooks something new and raunchy smelling. At least she cooks though. Both of my roommates do actually. Every night at 6 they start cooking up their grand meals. First of all, 6 is WAY too early to eat but my idea of cooking is throwing something in the microwave and calling it a day. Too bad I ran out of microwaveable meals and milk so basically I'm fucked. I suppose living off of nutrigrain bars, fruity pebbles with no milk, and diet cook isn't so bad right? I need to go home and have my mom package up some homemade meals for me pronto.


  1. 20 is a useless age its only a milestone in terms of decades, and finishing being a teenager

  2. at least you can cook at your place, i have a microwave in my dorm.. so im dependant on cafe food. its alright somedays, luckly i will eat just about anything

  3. atleast when your 20 you can officially say you only have 1 more year until you can walk into a liquor store