Friday, October 2, 2009


I feel like I've been majorly slacking with the blog updates. I really have nothing to say!
My birthday was last weekend. It was a REALLY good birthday. consisted of lots of good food, friends and family, and my brother getting lost in brooklyn... but thats a long story.

it's 245 on Friday and I'm tiredddd. Tonight my grandparents want to take me out to dinner, which is nice. Theyre really cute old people... sometimes old people are really scary. After dinner I am going to my older sister's house. Shes having a big BBQ tomorrow and she wants me there briiiigggghtttt and early to help set up.

I dont think I love anything more than a BBQ. it's just the best food in my opinion.

my roommate is currently watching project runway. I feel bad because I always go home on weekends instead of spending it with my roommates. Well my one roommate sophie is from vermont and always stays here in doylestown obviously but my other roommate elyse always goes home to CT so sophie is just left alone all the time. I feel bad but i'm sure she keeps herself entertained.

I watched a documentary last night on that neglected girl from the 70's named Genie. The one who was isolated in a room for 10 years of her life and was found at 13.. I have read a lot on her but watching the documentary was so crazy being able to put a face to the name. Seeing what can happen with no human contact can have on someone is crazy. It was just kind of disturbing i guess. It makes me really sad watching her life story and how she ended up just dying in a mental hospital because no one could fund her recovery anymore. So ... thats uplifting.

I need to nap and not blog.


  1. Ive never heard of this girl... interesting

  2. learning about those strange circumstances are so interesting, serial killers are also interesting to learn about

  3. i like BBQ's too!! Fun times!!

  4. Yea it would seem there is 3 communities at DVC, the commuters, the on campus students and the weekday commuters.