Thursday, December 3, 2009


i really dont know why teachers think its fun to make the last three weeks of a semester a living hell. like if you had done this in the beginning nooo problem but seriously? all thats on my mind is winter break, christmas, and sleeping.

the chances of me studying for my finals are so slim.

this weekend is going to suck. friday i have to babysit around my home which is an hour away soo i'll drive there, babysit till like 11 soo friday night is shot. thennn saturday i have to babysit again but around doylestown so its another hour here and there goes saturday night. sunday my parents want me to come home and decorate but like... really? seriously? another hour drive? we'll see.

soo gotta do my bio exam now thats due at 11:45 tonight. so.tired.

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