Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving break

thanksgiving was so nice. i spent the whole day cooking with my mom and close friend thennn had a really good dinner with some family.

we also got a puppy over thanksgiving. Her name is Bella and she is soooo adorable. she is a bernese mountain dog anddd i love her.

i also went to see new moon over break to see what all the fuss is about and well i've discovered that IT IS SO BAD. SERIOUSLY. i honestly considered leaving the theater early but didnt want my money go to completeee waste. i couldn't believe it and am now thoroughly confused about how a couple of hot guys in a movie can make people go so nuts and not see the utter bullshit.

my friend had a bonfire saturday and i got to see some people that i havent seen for like a year. it was reallyyy nice. although while creating the bonfire we almost burned down molly's house. minor detail of course.

Monday, November 16, 2009


today i went shopping. i rediscovered nordstom rack which is just like insane discounts on niiice clothes. i got so much stuff. always a good time.

i try to run everyday. i'm usually pretty good at doing it consistently. although today on my run my ankle decided to give out completely and now its realllyyy swollen and kinda not fun to walk on. my senior year in this same ankle i tore a ligament and had to wear a cast for 6 weeks. two out of those six weeks i was in costa rica. I was in one of the most secluded areas of my life with no electricity, no warm water, and no one spoke english aside from the 3 girls i went there with. I was there volunteering in Gandoca, Costa Rica trying to preserve the leatherback sea turtle. I still managed to be a big help which i didnt think I would be due to the whole cast thing. theres a lot you can do hobbling around. it was absolutely incredible though seeing a leatherback lay eggs and then being on patrol every night to ensure that poachers wouldnt harm them. I could write for ages about my trip to costa rica and how it was one of the coolest experiences in my life.

im totally procrastinating. i have so much homework that i have seriously been staring at for hours now.

my family is getting a new puppy this sunday. i am SO excited. she's sooo cute.

i really just want this week to be over but its only monday so thats awesome. i'm just so sick of doing work right now. a break would be awesome.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I keep forgetting to blog! I suck.
i usually dont like mondays but i spent the entire day painting my room at my apartment. i really suck at painting. especially being 4'10 and having a tiny step stool. i kept trying to like stand on books or balance from my bed but i kept falling. i like the paint color though so i'm happy with it.

my weekend was pretty good. i was really just with the boyfriend the whole time :)
i cant believe its november and like almost thanksgiving thennn christmas. kinda excited for christmas break. it really cant come soon enough.

i'll be sure to blog more when i'm not out of it.